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For the best beginner, intermediate, and advanced guitar classes in Wollongong, look no further than Doblix Guitar for expert tuition that gets results. Catering for all musical styles and levels of experience, we offer a range of classes, all of which are tailor-made to suit your exact needs.

Incorporating modern playing techniques, we teach basic music theory, as well as more advanced finger-work and song transcription. We also help students to become more adept at improvising by providing essential skills and knowledge, including theory and musicology. Whatever stage of learning you’re currently in, Wayne can help you improve and excel.

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Guitar tuition

If you book into our guitar classes, we’ll provide you with a music stand, amplifier, and a lead for electric guitar players. All you have to do is bring your guitar and come with an enthusiasm to play.

At Doblix Guitar, we’re all about infusing fun into our lessons, as we believe that if you’re passionate about music, then you’ve got to have fun playing! Whether you dream of starting your own band, or simply want to learn how to play a few simple tunes, we can help. We’ll also let you learn by playing the songs you like to listen to, or the music you aspire to play, as this will make the classes more meaningful and interesting.

At Doblix Guitar, we provide a relaxed and welcoming environment in which to learn. We’re conveniently located in the Wollongong area, and easily accessible from all suburbs in the Wollongong/Illawarra region.

Hands-on tuition

Our expert guitar tutor, Wayne Dobbs, offers relaxed classes which are perfectly designed to suit the individual needs of our students. Whether you’re a beginner or are at an advanced stage of practise, you can enjoy learning at your own pace in a creative and encouraging environment.

From improving your guitar skills and musical knowledge, to honing your technique and style, Wayne will ensure you get exactly where you want to be.

Lessons for mature students

If you’ve always harboured a dream of playing guitar, then we would love to teach you some new skills at Doblix Guitar. You might be keen to pick up the instrument for the first time, or maybe you played years ago and would like to carry on where you left off. Whatever the motivation, Wayne can help.

Passionate about inspiring people to pursue their musical dreams, Wayne welcomes mature students who seek to improve and develop their knowledge, ability, and love of guitar or bass playing. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, Wayne will have you achieving those aspirations by mastering the fretboard and becoming a confident, accomplished player in no time!

Music theory

The theory of music is key if you want to understand what you’re playing, create your own tunes, and ultimately, become a proficient guitar player. At Doblix Guitar, we’ll instruct you in tab (tabulation) or notation form, in addition to teaching you how to transcribe songs.

Providing useful and relevant notes to accompany your lesson, we’ll help you to understand the inner workings of songs and how they should be played. This includes studying the scale structure, keys, chord progressions, and solos within the piece.

We encourage our intermediate and advanced players to bring along music they have a particular interest in or are keen to play, and we’ll also discuss your ideas for songs during lessons. Backing tracks are used as learning tools when working on original music or improvisation, as they aid the teaching process.

Guitar repairs

In addition to our guitar lessons, we also offer a range of other associated services, including:

  • Onsite guitar tuning
  • Minor guitar repairs
  • String repairs
  • Guitar adjustments
  • Electric guitar lead repairs
  • Guitar and amp advice
  • Backing tracks

If you have a snapped string, tuning issues, or any other problem with your guitar, head over to Doblix Guitar and we’ll make sure you’re ready to play!

doblix guitar guitars gift
If you want to surprise someone with a special gift, we also offer gift vouchers for guitar and bass lessons. Get in touch with Wayne for details and give your loved one the gift of music.

Call us today on 0416 111 352 for information about our expert guitar tuition in Wollongong!

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